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All our technical achievements and knowledge are not enough to explain how the human body and biology in general manage their energetic and informational tasks. Obviously they handle this more efficiently than our technology is able to. When biological systems violate the law of energy conservation, as can be observed at migratory birds which travel enormous distances without losing weight corresponding to the energy they spend, or the fish that continuously swim against the current or even in the process of photosynthesis that can’t be reproduced by technical means, everything indicates that energy is absorbed from the environment, for example from the pervasive neutrino radiation. Neither have we understood the biological information technology, it simply works in a different way than physics and communications engineering teach us. Without doubt the action potential of a nerve conductor consists of electric signals which can be measured at the nerve endings. An electric current flow does not occur because there is no return conductor. And it can’t be an electromagnetic wave due to the lack of antennae structures. Furthermore it is well-known to vibrate transversally, while the nodes of Ranvier indicate that a longitudinal wave is transmitted here. In acoustics the corresponding standing waves are depicted as Kundt’s dust figures. As the distance between the nodes of a musical instrument generates a certain tone, it can only be an electrical longitudinal wave with the corresponding wave length that is passed through the nerves.

Neutrino Power

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