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As a result of common demand and frequently asked questions during the breaks and after the recitations of Prof. Dr. Meyl (e.g. how does an energy transmission line work? and what kind of single components have to be used? etc) we decided to develop an Experimentation-Kit to allow interested practitioners to gain experience and to make experiments by themselves.

So with this kit you are able to research the characteristics of Tesla coils, dependency of the resonant frequency, concerning position and size of the ball electrode and varieties of the systems, resonance depending on changes of the distance between transmitter and receiver by yourself.?

The main goal is to achieve reproducible measurements, which cannot be done by a simple instruction guide but otherwise doubters often only believe in results of measurements acquired by their own devices. Therefore connection possibilities for external measuring devices are provided.?

The Experimental Kit contains a digital waveform generator up to 8 MHz incl. frequency counter, one pair of extendible ball electrodes, one pair of pancake coils with normal (middle) wirelength and one pair with twice the wirelength (coils A and C). A specification of the set with theoretical explanations and practical instructions about the setup is also included in the kit (Documentation 1).


Some more information:

Scalarwave Device Experimentation-Set

SKU: H03
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